Your Own Story

These fleeting words will flower

Moss in her hair sea on her shoulder

Fragments of dream keep me well

Walking across great distances

Feet of restless drums

Necklaces clatter fingers scatter

Prayers to the edge of the fading moon

Star lights out one by one

In the empty horizon I am

Wind or confinement

Fount of passing reflection

Mood memory of everything forgotten

Quiets desire is to remain itself

Voice fade in soul cocoon rustling

Falling wind trussed in mood tides

Delicate trembling in noon time hours

More silences arise out of me

I will learn and tell you of them

You’ll forget what you know

Rote life measured patterns

Dry valleys water once carried

How complex and rich of heart we are

Unaware of expansive self

Let something shine on you so hard

You are softened in the skins coat

Coming home body eternal root

Thrashing in deep water

Arise out of me breakers over shore

Washed away shadows

Flood into what needs feeding

Thousand branches tree head

Finer and lighter into sun

I speak from here

Giant waves over the frontier

Bend your ear to this stranger’s

Awkward grace let you know

You’re a stranger to other parts of yourself

Spirit sits on your porch while sleeping

Others weave in and out of your light

Beneath the solidified shadow of tree

Dry leaves and marsh grass

Move through your stone body

Limbs tattooed with ancient story

All that drifts into becoming

I give back to you to see your story




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