The artist vision is unlimited
He can create
A new world
Where ideas flow and peace can prevail
Where all are included and in harmony.
His vision must become
A child
A woman.
His brush strokes must be broad
With infinite colors
He paints the darkness into light
The shapeless and formless
Into a breathing beauty.
Turns the chaos into order
Creates the new world.
We must not accept the walls that seem to be around us
they are of our own creation.
Every ending is a beginning.
The door is slammed in your face
You build a house
With no doors
You walk through the walls
You extract the treasure
You are of the light
Is only
A membrane
That can be pierced through
Made of imaginary substance
It has no weight
Or depth
It is a cry
Within each of us
There is a veil.
T.S. Eliot
said my ending is my beginning
Showing the wasteland is only
the dark night of the soul.
We must let go of every perception
Of limitation
You are a rain dancer
Today I walked the hills of Malibu
On a new trail off of PCH
It is March
The wild flowers are not yet in Bloom
The rabbits dance the dirt path
Winding upward
Mustard seed
Faces the side
Of the path that is closest
To the Ocean
One can breathe a real breath
The surf pounds behind
Us and below
Sail boats
Are barely visible
Through misty skies
All of life screams
Now is the time to laugh
Now is the time to rejoice
Now is the time to begin eternity
It starts this side of the mysterious
The wind settles
Upon my skin
Telling me
The heart knows
What the mind
Cannot grasp.
More joy everyday
Is needed
To be silly is serious business
Rolling in the tall grass
Not thinking of saving the world
But immersed in symphonic ballet
Of a transitory
We are creating as we go
We are only a beginning
A continuous eternal .
We must so position ourselves
As to receive the never ending bliss.
Like raiders of the lost arc
Light breaks through
What your limited self
Cannot do for itself
Is done through you by Grace.
The pain subsides
Fresh hope appears
You are on your way
Doubts dissolve and fade
You are within the equation
An essential
Vital ray within the Rainbow.
Your present inspiration
is only a foretaste
Of the Possible.


© Stephen J. Kalinich





The great American poet and lyricist Stephen John Kalinich has been a profound voice of the rock ’n’ roll era for four decades. When Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson, two of the most prominent icons in rock history, recorded “A Friend Like You” by Kalinich and Wilson on an album featuring Elton John and Eric Clapton, it was a testament to the lyrical poet at the height of artistic achievement.

An originator of the California sound, Kalinich rose to fame as a young man when he began writing songs with Brian and Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys on their Warner Brothers/Reprise record label. During his 30-year collaboration with the group, it became “America’s #1-selling rock band,” according to Billboard. Brian Wilson described Kalinich as a “poetic genius” and credited him with stunning the music world by unleashing Dennis Wilson’s full creative potential.

Although he has risen to the highest echelons of the music industry, Kalinich considers himself a poet first. A voice of conscience comparable to Bob Dylan, he has inspired audiences around the world. Kalinich was invited to Washington, D.C., to recite his epic poem “If You Knew” before members of Congress to benefit Children Uniting Nations. Actor Stacy Keach recorded his poem “The Magic Hand,” and former Beach Boy Al Jardine’s EP A Postcard from California features actor Alec Baldwin reciting “Tide Pool Interlude.” Newscaster Jerry Dumphy appeared on a video in which he read “America I Know You” by Kalinich. Jez Graham’s 2004 CD featured Kalinich’s poems “America Is You and Me,” “Life Against the Wind,” and “You Can Soar.”

A performer whose spoken lines are as powerful as the music that carries them, Kalinich played to thousands on a recent European tour of his Galactic Symphonies, written with internationally acclaimed guitarist Richard Durrant and recorded on CD and DVD. One reporter described the audience’s “sense of awe” as the poet delivered the title poem to an audience transfixed, “managing to get out the last words without collapsing, but maintaining so much power and dignity.” Kalinich’s poetry readings have an emotional impact comparable to that of poet Maya Angelou.

Kalinich continues to write poetry for films and music from Los Angeles, the city he loves. “As long as I have breath, the river of love will speak through me,” says Kalinich. “When I look back, I will ask, Did I stir someone, reach one soul. . . . Did I help them understand that when the breath of love poured itself into others, it didn’t forget them.”

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