Wild Creative Flame

Great art flourishes in a internal freedom that few achieve, but this state of being merges with the eternal. The images that reflect this freedom from all constraint defies description, the awkward linear approach with language cannot capture the essence, poetry might come close. Spiritual art sends us dancing around all that brought this art form into being and what it offers, a projection of energetic worlds we can interact with in wonderFULL mystery.

All questions of subject matter, inspiration and technique is a distant walk around the perimeter of experience. A channeled knowing in co-creation is the essence your after. Without being self-conscious this internal freedom dances in the shadow and light of becoming – to greet the dawn with new born expressions from source. What’s most effective in teaching is pointing inward at discoveries process.

We are over structured and saturated by other voices telling of right and wrong, good and bad – snuffing out our wild creative flame. The doorway to art is through the vast inner dimensions. How deep do we want to go? This is the art for the New Earth, awakened, evolved heart consciousness creating new forms of life that awaken more of the same.



Sharing an Environmental Music Films *EMF collaboration: Original paintings by Brian Brogan (www.thepaintedstory.com), music by K. Farquhar.




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