In the petal, in the leaf, and in the early dew of morn.

In silent rays of light that fall o’er field of golden corn.

How beautiful the newborn child that, from its Mother’s breast,

Takes first the sustenance of earth and breathes the Father’s breath.

Where beauty lives, and beauty is, there Am I, it is My face.

Tis I that warms your spirit so, with that Amazing Grace.

Look for me in fields of corn and in the glistening dew.

And when the thorns are all you find, know, I am there for you.

For beauty comes in many ways. At times it’s not so bright.

How can the rose know her strength without thorns to aide her flight?

Where beauty shines, and beauty is, tho in darkness it may dwell,

There Am I, it is My Love. It is the healing well,

That speaks to you throughout the night, so that, when day doth break,

The guiding whispers that you heard, shall call on you to wake.

Awaken now! And see your light, the beauty that you are,

And know that, in the darkest thorn there is a shining star.

Where beauty is, there Am I.

Look within, for you are beautiful.



… Eliza White Buffalo with Nicholas Black Elk



Eliza White Buffalo was born in Ireland in 1965. From the age of five she has been communicating with Spirit, and in particular, with a spirit who tells her he is Nicholas Black Elk. Black Elk has been teaching Eliza all her life, how to be happy and live in truth. Eliza’s life, like so many others, was one of terrible fear and sadness. She believes it was Black Elk’s love for her and his teachings that helped to turn her life into a happy one, and she is dedicated to sharing her lessons with the world so that many others may be happy too. Eliza lives in Northern Ireland with her husband and sons. She lives daily with love, hope, and faith in who she is.

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