What’s Going On?

This has been a year of transformation for many Lightworkers. It is the year to integrate and process the vast amounts of energy work that led up to 2012, but what is really going on and what will happen after the processing is done? The answer to these questions is becoming apparent as the shift into the New Era on Earth unfolds. A different reality has been created and now those who are aware of it are learning to live within it. Is this not the reality for which Lightworkers hoped, worked and trained? All the healing modalities that have been learned and practiced in the process have been used to clear the lower vibrations from the light bodies of those who are now participating in the upgraded Human Consciousness.

mayan2012Now that the countdown to 2012 is over and the afterglow has faded, Lightworkers are faced with the practical aspects of this new reality, for after all this is still the Third Dimension and as a Lightworker it is up to you to make the best of it. In the same way that a “what’s new” document is issued when a new version of software is released, there are also many changes in the current Third Dimensional life of a Lightworker.

Throngs of enlightened people did not float up into the clouds on December 21, 2012, instead a higher dimension found its way to Earth, and has become the new reality for those ready to experience it. In the updated version of Consciousness there is empowerment, meaning that we are able to set our own boundaries, determine which
antenna hologramic scenarios we allow into our lives and request assistance from higher beings, even for the smallest aspects of our everyday life. The connection to the Higher Self and other multidimensional higher beings has become stronger and clearer. In cell phone terminology, the reception has been raised from one bar to full bars. In fact, the answers and guidance are so close that they can be heard at any time, all that is required is that you listen. Once you tune into the frequency of guidance, you will discover that it broadcasts continuously. Listen very closely to the voice in your head, until it becomes audible. Some say that certain individuals have particular talents such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, etc., but the truth of the matter is that everyone has these attributes, they must only be fine tuned so they can be used to make right decisions more easily.

intuition-guidanceRecognizing these abilities doesn’t demand formal training or even an online class, all that is required is for you to pay attention, turning your focus away from the mundane to the spiritual. It helps to start small and become aware that everyone uses these abilities more often that is realized. For example, how do you decide what to wear in the morning. Now you might think this is hardly a spiritual concern or even in the realm of making a higher life decision, but realize that every moment of your life is as important and sacred as the next. What you wear may determine your mood, influence how others see you or even raise or lower your vibration that day. When you stand before your closet, listen, you will hear the answer, but hearing the answer is not the only important part, listening to your guidance is even more important, for when you listen, you strengthen your ability to hear more, over time, when you pause to decide what the best answer in any situation, you will hear pristine council.

photo-wallpapers-wallpaper-murals-food-decorating-themesMost people practice this on a daily basis when they decide what they want to eat, without realizing that they are speaking to their multidimensional selves. They think about it and very often say, hmmm, what do I feel like eating. Who exactly are they asking, you may wonder? They are asking their cells, for their cells know what they require to function. Why then do I desire dessert, certainly my body can’t need that, you may ask? No, your body doesn’t need it, but there is something to be said for the pleasure principle.

angelic-helpWhen you ask Angels or Ascended Masters for assistance, be specific. Ask for assistance as you go through your day, not only something far off in the future. As you fine tune every aspect of your life, you are creating it as you go along. A person might ask for a Soul Mate, or a better job, but in the new Earth, you can also be more explicit, even when requesting the most simple everyday things. When you ask for assistance from the higher realms you are being guided through a dance that has more parameters than you can ever know, for it is multidimensional. What exactly does it mean to say we are multidimensional? A dimension is a point of view. Every moment creates a new dimension, but there also exists one for each possibility that might have occurred.

dnaThere is another side of the coin to be examined and the key to discovering what that is, can be found in DNA, giving the phrase “look within” new meaning, for there, inside of you, are the answers to everything you need to know. Science has stated that the 3% or so of our DNA they have identified, determines our physical being and that the rest is just junk, not useful for anything. New Age channeled information and even forward thinking scientists are beginning to be willing to accept that perhaps the 97% of the DNA they have written off as useless, is really not junk after all, but instead, it is used for other more quantum aspects of out multidimensional existence. Why is humanity only now discovering this information about DNA? It cannot only be due to the fact that science is finally learning about DNA, since the information is being brought forth by channels as well. It is because Lightworkers had to reach the ceiling, so to speak, of Third Dimensional life on earth and at that point they were ready for the next step and that is exactly what has happened. In the same way that the ancient avatars came to Earth and revealed their powers to the oppressed, once again the opportunity to remember the true capabilities of being human is emerging, only this time it cannot be hidden from those who have ascended toward the Light and broken through the seal.

akashic-recordsWhat this means to each person is that there is an untapped resource, a library of the Akashic records of each lifetime into which you have incarnated, a database of every capability that you might ever experience and a storage bank of your Divinity. By asking the Angelic Realm for assistance, you are validating that you believe that the outcome you desire does exist. This act unlocks the vault, inside of you, where the best outcome is hidden. Until you are able to perfect the process of conscious creation, there are beings that will assist, when you ask. Either way, you are accessing the purest vibration available and this is what fuels magical, desired outcomes. Therefore, when you do ask and all goes well, don’t minimize it, or listen to someone else who does, by saying, it might have happened anyway. Realize that it occurred because you have tuned into the flow of life, allowing synchronistic events to take place.

Do you hear your name called when no one is actually speaking to you in 3D? Guess what, you ARE hearing your name, it is being called from beyond the veil which is getting very thin these days. You don’t have to answer, its just a Third Dimensional greeting, a call from beyond, letting you know you are closer than ever. Just enjoy the process. Become an observer instead of a participator. Watch life unfold like a beautiful flower, free from the shackles of duality.

lightsIn the New Era we begin to see unfamiliar things, colored orbs may appear with eyes wide open. When they do, pay attention to what you were just thinking. Unknown faces and remote places may be seen with eyes closed. Have you seen a jellyfish-like being floating away when you open your eyes, especially after meditation…it’s real, not imagined. There are beings around you all the time, perhaps other parts of you waiting to reconnect or wanting to help.

Acknowledge them for they are there to assist and guide. It may all seem strange at first, but keep in mind, it is only a remembrance what is becoming, once again, part of normal reality. It is why Lightworkers relish such things as orbs and synchronicity. These events are reminders of ages past. The familiarity is pleasurable like going home, but the truth is…you are.



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