At first it feels like i am tumbling, stumbling

and falling into the calling

somes days i am stuck and stalling

truth tapping and thumping

me every day

wake up

wake up

walk into your alignment

where your truth guides you

where your steps take you

with ease



where your heart

rises and falls

into the magic

of synchronicity

a constant channeling state

where words of truth flow

where love grows

where light glows

just let go

free fall

into the arms

of god



Tanya Gwizdalla ♥ oct 18 2010



“I Am Ameya Mirabai (formerly Tanya Gwizdalla), 50 years old, mother of 4 sons, 1 granddaughter, poet, colon hydrotherapist and nutritional consultant. Somehow balancing parenting, working, caring for my own health and wellbeing is a fine balance of saying YES to life and yes to my inner voice and yearnings to delve deeply into my soul where i can express the love that I AM…” Please visit Ameya’s awesome website with more poetic sharings