Touch of a Friend

An angel was sent down from heaven one day

to visit a child who had nothing to say.

This young boy was poor, great wealth he did lack,

but he has always been happy in spite of the fact.

Until one day it happened: his best friend went away,

and it left him heartbroken, with nothing to say.


So the task of the angel was a great one indeed:

to give hope to a heart that was so much in need.

Though great power and wealth

were at the angel’s command,

he sent a lost puppy

and the healing began.


The boy cheered the puppy as he chased down a stick

and he started to giggle as his face he would lick.

They ran and they jumped and they played for so long

That before they both knew it the whole day was gone.

Then without any warning the boy whose heart broke

found a reason for saying these words that he spoke:


“I love you, little puppy, I hope you will stay!

We will always be friends and together we’ll play.”

So the little puppy stayed and was never alone

for that which was lost had now found a new home.

And the boy was now happy – though he still remained poor –

for he had a new friend, someone to care for.


You see riches and power are fine things indeed,

but for a broken heart that is not what you need.

The angel was wise, for he knew in the end

how to mend a broken heart

with the touch of a friend.


Copyright © Tom Krause




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