Today is a New Day


Today is a new day
And you can dance again
eternity touches this moment
with tiny fingers
nothing but kindness
the day is far spent
but it is not over
hope rearranges time
into the width of the now
The now opens wide
One can hear the angels singing
How is life possible?
Is it not the greatest miracle?
a victory
Life triumphs.
I rejoice with you
my sweet friend
life is sweet
The scent of
orange blossoms
leaves its aroma
inside of me
for just this second
I know all things
we have lived
we are naked
and a presence
feels our every mood
and sensitivity –
we throw away
our old Pajamas
and wear a new gown
December has so quickly
become April
The days are falling fast
The only thrill
is now
We need not hurry
look at all the flowers
every variety
touching our eyes
believe in healing
In patience is the quest realized
it is right here
where we are…
In this beat between moments
joy uncovers
and cleanses
the stagnant air
and refreshes us
Release the constraints and confinement
We feel are holding us back
grace has save us
light ascends
rises up out of inner gifts
we sometimes take for granted
The first day of spring
just a few days ago
You are not alone
the intimate wind
Kisses your lips
caresses your body
your trembling breast
that once felt fear
again feel the life and vitality
swimming in your bloodstream
Make the most of each year!!
Celebrate each day.
Whisper to yourself


© Stephen J. Kalinich






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