To Love You Small, To Love You Large

For who you are, and what you do

There are things, inside of you

For those you simply can’t control

For those that simply take a toll

Your brain and heart, are two that do

That tell you things that skew your view

For that is simply just unfair

Then you create your own nightmare –

Too fat, too skinny, too tall, too small

To throw yourself against a wall

You’re not enough, you say it’s true

For you, you are, the one to do,

To tell you things, to skew your view

For who you are, it’s up to you


Beauty – from a place well-known

For first it’s grown, and then it’s shown

And if no beauty from within

You’ll simply lose, and never win

Lock yourself within a room

Slowly die and never bloom

For it takes time it’s sure not easy;

easy peasy lemon squeezy

If it was, we’d have the cure

Happiness, we’d all endure

But life does not work out this way

For there is simply lots of gray


Can I tell you a little secret?

Safe and sound is where you must keep it!

Strength starts from your tiny toes,

and works its way up to your nose

But just like you, for when you too,

Grow each second, day and year,

Gain your strength and face your fear,

For it takes time; it’s up to you

To practice hate, you mustn’t do

Focus on the things you love

Give your flaws a big ole shove

For now, I say to every flaw

You are ALL against the law!

Take the wheel, yes you’re in charge

To love you small, to love you large



Poetry Submitter/Author:  Cori Hoberman


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