This is the Way it Goes



She said that this
is the way it goes.

We cross stormy places
and see things that
we often can’t discuss
all the while
we rapidly run
from bruise to repair
only observing
what we can protect.

But within we are becoming.

This becoming,
this real healing
leaves us transformed
and often we ourselves
are surprised that we are
introduced to the person
that we didn’t know
we could be.

If it’s a matter of
life or death,
then we must take this loss
and keep moving,
fiercely fighting to make
the end greater
than the beginning.

You, I am afraid my dear will fight.

But you will win.


Poetry submitted by Ivy Marshall



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  1. Lynne Maree says

    Beautiful! What an eloquent piece Ivy, thank you for sharing!

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