“This is How it Begins …. “

Story and Paintings of Little Man by Nancy Wait ~ dedicated to artists and fruit sellers everywhere, and those who are willing to look deeper and risk changing.



Alchemy of Memoir has a link to a podcast Nancy made recently about the importance of stories!

Nancy’s Book, “The Nancy Who Drew” is available through Amazon and Inspirational Storytellers Book Store.






  1. James Beard aka Noodin says

    Really enjoy the post of Nancy friend ~ a new friend who I am getting to know.

    James Beard aka Noodin,
    author of White Mocs on the Red Road / Walking Spirit in a Native Way : http://www.northeastcultural.com/WhiteMocsontheRedRoad.htm

    1. Lynne Ralph says

      Thank you James! Perhaps you may be interested in sharing some of your stories here at Inspirational Storytellers! Blessings to you 🙂

    2. Nancy Wait says

      I’m glad you liked it James ~ When the stories come, they just come, don’t they. The paintings had been done a couple of years before I woke up one morning with the idea for a video. Went right to work and finished it in about 6 hours – which is why it’s a bit rough in some places – but had to finish it while the “force” was with me 🙂 Stories coming through DO feel kind of like a force, don’t they… Even my memoir stories.

  2. Moyra Irving says

    Thank you for this beautiful video, Nancy. I love your work, your humor, your voice and your wonderful storyteller’s skill of imparting spiritual truths in such a novel and imaginative way. I want to watch this over and over!

    1. Lynne Ralph says

      Me too!! Couldn’t agree more Moyra 🙂

    2. Nancy Wait says

      Thank you so much, Moyra – what great joy to hear that! In my own life, I am currently *behind* the curtain, detailing process of how I sorted out the confusion. Through Art, no less. The keyboard in those days, was not my friend – but the paintbrush was… It revealed things to me without words. I’m fond of saying – I found my voice through the mute expression of the unexplainable…

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