The Train of Life

When I wonder about life, I visualize a train.

An engine transporting passengers, stopping by different places while bounding to a destination.

Each human has a specific destination, but no map or clear itinerary to reach it (that would be too easy…).

There are a lot of trains, crossing each other, taking different paths and leading to different destinations.


At that moment, we are all in a train, on a journey to experience different steps of life.

We all try to figure out what our destination is, which stop to get off and which path to follow. In other terms, we are looking for best ways to achieve our purpose in life.


Humans are divided into different wagons.

In your wagon, you will meet people who will share their stories, love, hurt or inspire you.

If they are in your wagon, it is because you must meet them and learn from them. You can’t escape who is meant to run into your life and travel with you. Sometimes, you will love them but they will get off the train because they have to. It is their stop, their path: they have to make moves to reach their proper destination. Sometimes, you will spend a lot of time with the same persons. They will stay until you both learn from this encounter and reach your destination. Sometimes, you will be the one who get off the train to go on your own road. You never know, no routine (this is exciting, isn’t it?!).

When you get to know more about people in the train, you realize we are all struggling and facing certain levels of fear, delusion, confusion, but same desire to succeed (according our own definition of success) and be happy. Yes, we all feel same emotions in this train. Challenges and obstacles are inevitable. We are supposed to face it together.

We just ALL face difficult situations and question ourselves every day. Trying to make the right decisions, to find a way to improve our lives and be happy, to stop at the right station, reach the right destination.

But we are afraid. Afraid of suffering, being wrong, fail and get lost.

We are waiting for our call and remain in the same train for months, years,…And one day, we realize we missed something in our lives. Then comes a time of regrets…


Unfortunately, the call won’t ring in the train and you know why?


Because we all have different calls, different stops and itineraries to reach our destination.

On the map, each itinerary is unique and proper to each one. Comparing our path to someone else’s is a mistake. Waiting for the train call is a mistake. Following someone else’s path is a mistake. Being afraid to get off the train while you want it is a mistake.


Your intuition is your call. Listen to it.

Every time you have to get off, change path and take another train, your intuition will let you know.

In other term, when you have to make decisions, you make it with your gut.

You will only reach your final stop if you are able to listen to yourself and let go of the fear of being wrong or fail.

The final stop is in yourself and nobody else, remember this.


When the call rings within your soul, get off the train no matter what. This path will either lead you to another train of life, a new wagon that will get you closer to your purpose, or to your destination itself. The place you are meant to be. The place where you can be yourself and accomplish your “personal legend” (Paolo Coelho – The Alchemist). The place where you can inspire and help others. The place where you fulfill yourself.


Some people find their destination easily, some need more time, change train and it is fine. We all have different path and must accept and deal with it. Trust yourself.


Don’t worry too much, you are in the ride to your destination and will reach it.

Listen to your gut and your soul.


Maybe Life is about taking different trains and itineraries to reach a destination without getting the map, but understanding that the map is our intuition, and the destination our true selves and infinite potential.


Enjoy the journey!




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