The Power Of Words

What kinds of words resonate in your head?

Do they lift you, move you or fill you with dread?

Is your sub-conscious a cocktail of loathing and denial?

Do you constantly judge and stand yourself on trial?


For words can empower, transform and change,

If only you acquire a brand new range!

Think not of surrender, defeat or tired,

For now is the chance to become re-wired!


Align your thoughts towards a truly great day,

Take the time to command and say:

I will do my utmost and give my best,

I am worthy, amazing and will embrace any test!


My energy is vast, my strength I will relish!

For what I have; I will truly cherish!

I need not compare; for I’m doing just fine,

With a positive change; new thoughts I’ll align!


I hold the power; I will succeed!

I have the courage; I’ll take the lead!

I’ll get there on merit; I’ll give it my all!

Nothing but my effort will allow me to fall!


For I am unique; I’m proud to be me!

I will make my mark: my words hold the key!

I’ll give without thought; each day I’ll grow,

My gifts I’ll not waste; I’ll reap what I sow!


Within me lies greatness; of that I’m sure!

No more little whimpers; it’s my time to roar!

For the words that I use; will spur me on,

So my work is remembered long after I’m gone!


By Mark Jarvis     @jarvo_mark




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  1. Pat says

    What a nice surprise to find this site and your inspirational poem! I am recently re-encouraged to focus on the positive in my world and to focus on uplifting attitude and speech. Your words made me smile, I needed that today.

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