The Beginning of Greatness

An inquisitive young boy called Evontae walked into his Year 4 classroom with an intriguing question for his teacher:

“What purpose do wasps serve on this Earth, Sir?” he asked.

“Well Evontae, without wasps we would be overrun with insect pests. The wasps also have the very important job of being pollinators. Without them, we would struggle to grow sufficient fruits that we can eat and seeds that will create new plants!”

“Okay, I get that!” replied Evontae thankfully.

“And what purpose do tiny ants serve then?”

“Ants carry off dead insects and bugs and help to keep the Earth clean of disease!” responded his Teacher.

“Sure, that’s important too, we wouldn’t want to be all coming down with diseases would we!” reasoned Evontae.

Evontae had been building up to his final question patiently. He went on to ask:

“Sir, what was I put on this Earth to do then? What’s my purpose?”

His teacher’s response was brilliant:

“Evontae, within you is the power to create greatness on a scale that at your age is very difficult to comprehend. Your purpose will present itself to you as you grow in both age and wisdom. You and you alone will choose how you serve this world and how you decide to spend your time! You can do whatever you want to do, be whoever you want to be and choose to travel the safe road that is predictable and comfortable or the road that leads you to explore the unknown, to challenge the impossible and to create something both wonderful and memorable! Involve yourself in activities that make you feel alive, spend time around people who make you feel great and never write off your dreams as just a dream! Anything is possible for you Evontae, anything at all so long as you tell yourself that you can!”

Needless to say that conversation stuck with Evontae for the rest of his life. Everybody remembers a great teacher and this was no exception for Evontae. He grew in strength, acquired a set of powerful values and beliefs and went on to achieve remarkable greatness in every single area of his life!



By Mark Jarvis

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