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the painted story

Nomads Pilgrimage

Nomad moon is made for the wolf’s pilgrimage Walks with my own step in grass song Creaking trees try teaching me my roots   V...
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Bear That Wears The Bee Coat

I’m the bear that wears the bee coat Each bee was a star From the beginning of nights flow My relatives follow me Out of the ancient ...
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Painted Vision

Deep through this painted vision Under the veinous hues of my hand The ancients come through Earthen stone desert power Bridge of the ...
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Driftwood Guitar

Stop listening to men and women with Heads full of knowledge Stepping over winter ice Carrying treasure Chests full of transient ...
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“Proclamation of Excavation”

By the long moon of the crows My hands feathers help give the wind a ride Emptying my many selves Into one shining flock Place where we ...
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“Brief Shadow Song”

In this smoking dream Unplug yourself from the ghost of life All the entries that describe you As the last person down the hall No one ...
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