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Tanya von Zychlinsky

Higher Intelligence Does the Shopping With Me

Shopping with Spirit... a few days ago I went to our local health food store and observed myself loading up on Vitamin C and Bee Pollen Lozenges ...
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TRUE LOVE Awaits You Beneath an Old Oak Tree (Part 3)

Your TRUE LOVE awaits you beneath an old oak tree!!..."   The unfoldment of one synchronicity after another is teaching me so much. My ...
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With Total Strawberry Bliss (Oak tree part 2)

Now, how do I get from acorn and oak tree to strawberries? I just love, love, love this image. It brings me joy and it so matches how I feel right ...
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Light Dancing on Water

Today, I felt the desire to bring beauty and sparkles to you through one of my favorite poems so far. Please, take a moment to deeply let this ...
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Angel of Freedom

Inspired you free the children in resistance brushing off residues of blame, shame and guilt Loving every part of you with deep persistence...
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Marvelous Metaphor: An Oak Tree brought into Creation

"It is the oak tree that creates the very acorn from which it was born." Liz Gilbert and 'the Zens' New perspective is something very valuable ...
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