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Sri Gawn Tu Fahr

No Reason To Fear Death

Many consider death to be the end of their existence, yet it is merely a transition point. We don't really 'die'. It is our physical bodies which ...
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Invisible Strands

Invisible strands of love, light, and sound connect all souls. During a casual stroll through Nelson BC's Rotary Lakeside Park, my heart was ...
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Be Kind With Your Words

(((❤))) It's amazing what words can do they can charm, seduce and captivate or deceive, attack and alienate they can be mean and ...
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“Love’s Sweet Ecstasy” – poem

  My precious dove of love sent from heaven high above your gentle smile and star filled eyes light up my life you've touched me ...
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“I was Listening to the Wind Today”

I was listening to the wind today it beckoned me whispering your name unleashing a legion of fire breathing dragons from deep inside my ...
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