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Ameya Mirabai

“Love In Form”

  We walk this new path our souls dipped in a divine bath fluid is our daily pace expanding in time and space i let go and swim ...
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“Expanse of White”

  I bleed into an expanse of white restful patient observing the everything else that is a stroke of colour painted by my ...
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“Wake Up”

  At first it feels like i am tumbling, stumbling and falling into the calling somes days i am stuck and stalling truth tapping ...
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“In This Moment”

  Illusion in this moment now is real breathe love to watch your skin peel go deeper bite the crust and hit the core feel where ...
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“Stillness She Moves”

  I walk naked with only the touch of my raw heart to feel where my minds illusions have kept me apart from the god within that sits ...
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