The sun, chakras, yoga, geese, ducks and other worlds for soul to explore during it’s long sojourn in the lower worlds of matter, time and space.

Each life is a step as we return again and again. Life after life, we inhabit various forms: mineral, plant, insect, bird, mammal, and human. We move ever forward, gaining experiences along the way, always drawing nearer to the simple truth behind all life; we are soul and we exist because of God’s love.




Back in the 1950’s and 60’s it was a common practice for the attending physician to hold a newborn baby by it’s feet, upside down, and slap it on its fanny to clear it’s throat. When I was born the doctor stared at me, looked up at my parents, and slapped them instead. Since that day I have been able to handle most challenges in life with joy and enthusiasm. I’m not a saint, guru, master, or redeemer. I am soul, dream’s eternal lover and love’s eternal dreamer.

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