I walk naked with only the touch of my raw heart

to feel where my minds illusions have kept me apart

from the god within that sits eternally patient

in the stillness she moves so gracefully silent

to unite my soul to the unseen collective of love

that is felt from deep in the earth to the skies above



Tanya Gwizdalla ♥  2.1.12



“I Am Ameya Mirabai (formerly Tanya Gwizdalla), 50 years old, mother of 4 sons, 1 granddaughter, poet, colon hydrotherapist and nutritional consultant. Somehow balancing parenting, working, caring for my own health and wellbeing is a fine balance of saying YES to life and yes to my inner voice and yearnings to delve deeply into my soul where i can express the love that I AM…” Please visit Ameya’s awesome website with more poetic sharings www.wordsfromawomansheart.blogspot.com