Seize the Day

I’ll put one foot forward and change my fate,

Set sail on a new course and make my life great!

Whatever happens next comes down to me,

I’m going to become all I can be!


It’s time to take action, become someone new,

My days of self pity are truly through!

I have to stand taller on my own two feet,

I will not be defeated, knocked down or beat!


I’ll write a new chapter and turn things around,

I’ll unlock potential; explore new ground.

I’ll rise from the darkness and into the light,

I’m not going down without one hell of a fight!


Each day from now is a new chance to shine,

To chase down my dreams and make them mine!

To laugh, to smile to flourish and play,

To live my life and seize the day!


By Mark Jarvis    

Twitter:  @jarvo_mark




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