Searching for Happiness

Searching For Happiness is a New Short Movie co-directed and produced by G. Brian Benson and Nye Green.

The film’s inspirational message shows one man’s journey to overcome his loneliness and depression by seeing interactions with others in a different light completely changing his black and white world. This motivational message is simple yet powerful: We find true happiness in life and bring peace in the world when we change our perspective on how we see things!



What people are saying about “Searching for Happiness”:

“Beautifully shot, a touching story and I love the black & white to color changes! So well done!”

“How can I be happy? This short film answers the question completely”

“Amazing! I always feel emotions when I see beautiful happenings, and I felt it here. Thank you, for reminding us again what good deeds can do for others”

“First class! Wonderful! The music, acting and directing were all exceptional; the message was sublimely beautiful. Loved watching this film – it has lifted my day and put a smile on my face. Thanks for helping to make our world a warmer, lovelier place to dwell.”


Director’s Statement:

Telling a story that shares the importance of helping others and the fulfillment and joy that comes with serving in this way, is what I had in mind when I wrote my new film, “Searching For Happiness”.

People chase happiness in many ways and often never find it. I feel rewarded when I give without expectation of receiving something in return and when I experience random acts of kindness and I sought to convey this message in the scenes of the film. By using the black and white/color dichotomy along with a simple and powerful piano score it is my intent that each viewer be moved by the deeper level of the message and fully understand the meaning by the end of my short film. I also dipped my toes in the old silent film genre because I am a huge fan.

Thank you for watching! Please enjoy my new personal growth short film: “Searching For Happiness!”




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