Receiving is Nourishment

Hello Love,

Have you allowed yourself to abundantly RECEIVE today?

Well, let me share with you my fascination with today’s photo and what it stands for – other than yummy food for the soul, the body, and the eyes. As I was taking the photo and then playing around with how to make it even more magical, I saw so many more layers of what it symbolizes. For one: PLAY!! I love magical Creation, as you may have noticed if you’ve been with me for a while, or if you haven’t, you know now, teehee! … but there’s more: It is about cherishing the beauty in everything and also about the beauty of our choices!

It is easy to see that RECEIVING IS NOURISHMENT, when you look at this wonder-filled wrap with its lively rainbow of content. Food LOVES you from when it grows and blossoms on a magical meadow, in sacred soil, or on treasure trees, to when it is harvested and then going to market or directly onto plates for sharing, it loves you when you are around it, because the energy emanates out. When I come home with fresh food in my bags and start decorating my kitchen with those juicy creations, I can feel the energy transform, not only by how it all looks, but also through the thriving energy of aliveness that fills my creative kitchen each time this happens. I then always feel like my house is full of fairies who giggle the life force of the colorful living decorations into place. I notice every time that when I either am distracted or doing something else or wander off in my thoughts and am not fully present with my food in gratitude while eating it, I can barely taste it. Have You ever notice that difference?

When my daughter was little and had a friend over, we fed them while they were allowed to watch a kid’s video… and they hadn’t even registered that they had eaten. After the video was over, they both were hungrily ‘starving for food’ (their own words). I’ll always remember that.

What You Appreciate, Appreciates.

Food Loves You – and RECEIVING MEANS NOURISHMENT. And like with a HUG, GIVING and RECEIVING are two facets of the same HUG,

with creative circulation,

☆ ✩ Tanya ✩ ☆
Creative Leader Convergence


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