Hold on, keep breathing

Don’t let your fears take control

Good things can happen

You just need to know

Remember, this is not

How things will always be

This feeling can’t last

Only Love is real

Feel that love and compassion

You so badly need

Stay with yourself

Take time just to breathe

This moment will pass

Don’t think way ahead

Bring peace to your body

Ease down out of your head

Don’t believe all the stories

You keep telling yourself

They’re most likely untrue

And unkind to your health!

Remember the saying

“This too shall Pass”

Then breathe some more

This feeling truly won’t last

Take comfort in knowing

You are never alone

Go deep inside

And know you are home

We’re all here for each other

Though this may not yet feel true

Just hold on a bit longer

You CAN see this through

Meanwhile I send love

If you need it right now

You are able to receive it

You don’t need to know how

Let my love flow to you

As it flows through me

I am healed by this too

It’s mutual, you see…

And if you feel helpless

No ideas what to do

Just consider this thought

You could send out love too

That by doing it for others

You are healing yourself

As those positive thoughts

Uplift you to health

My prayer tonight

Is that you too will feel peace

Allow love to envelope you

As you ease deep into sleep

I share this flower with you

As a token of love

And I give thanks for it too

Humbly bow to above

Slowly let your heart open

And let this love in

Take another deep breath

Feel the healing begin

It is safe to feel better

And as your unhappiness lifts

You’ll start noticing again

Life’s full of beautiful gifts

This flower’s to remind you

There’s so much goodness on earth

And that nature like us

Blossoms into new birth

So let the seeds of compassion

Take root in your heart

Then feel the love grow and strengthen

As you make a new start

Because Love IS the answer

I know this is true Trust and have faith

That love is in YOU


Stephanie Moles


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  • Photography also by Stephanie Moles




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