Penned From Rehab’s Heart

It’s tough love from day one.
I can’t remember how I got here,
But I do remember when everything fell apart.
The music faded, friends parted, and family’s family.
I do remember giving it a try, seeking an option out of my misery
Troubles that led me seek options I can’t remember.

Choices we have, choices we are.
Life hits hard and when everything falls apart at rock bottom,
The herd is thinned out, you get to see people for who they really are;
When you’re at your lowest, I know now from experience.

It’s a lonely road the misery, and a total lie the solution.
No substance can make you whole, no quick fix in life.
Some learn the hard way, like I do. Others pick up from the stench of life
True, there’s no quick fix, but like a phoenix from the ashes I write to all who read;
Life’s hard no doubt, but with drugs, there is no way out.

I’ve been down this path many times, I’ve tasted many highs and choked many times
I’ve had others feed me more when I was weak and weary to do me
I’ve introduced many and seen others fade away.
It never hits you to stay off, like a bad joke, it just keeps going;
Peep down the abyss and then the fall that never ends.

Life is hard no doubt, but no quick fix, none but hope.
Not many made it like I did, not many could afford rehab,
The true wealth in life’s not money but health and family or friends.
I had and still do, have family that cared enough to fight me for me,
Rehab is never an option when you’re hooked, and lies fly like air from the lips
You never know what it feels like but you never wish that on anyone,
The endless journey down in darkness seeking hope,
But like one buried in an avalanche that keeps digging down instead of up.
The end is death, you’re one fix away from eternal plunge.
I pray there’s someone out there that cares enough to get you help, force or choice doesn’t matter.
Clean is clean, and you get a new high by staying free.
It’s tough love from day one.


Sharon Torres is a freelance writer and journalist who writes about addiction as it relates to global issues. Her favorite author is Phillip K. Dick. She spends her days writing for Addiction Network.



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