NOT Sugar or Spice

For the girl not filled with sugar or spice

doesn’t mean she wasn’t beautiful or even nice.

She wanted new experiences not just the same old path,

which would leave her exposed to an invisible beings wrath.

why did growing up mean moving from state to state,

when losing new friends each time never felt really great.

Each move brought new pain feeling like an incision

because nothing in this life had been her own decision

in the child like mind she tried to change with all her might

that caused several lives to collide on that fateful night.

The other driver, Cops found had been on a bender,

that turned our vehicle into one giant crooked fender.

3 days later she realized her life was far from over.

but could she still have the fairy tale with a dog named Rover.

Life was now all about living and moving on wheels,

no more running or climbing the stairs in wicked high heels.

with A new family to raise along side her Intelligent Prince.

proving that happiness doesn’t begin or end with the picket fence.




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