New Perspective is everything.
When you drop into the grass and look at life from the perspective of a lady bug, or climb a tree to feel like a kid again, or walk really slowly to find out how it feels to have that pace for a change, or for a little while lower yourself to the height of a little child and see what it might see. But these are only a few ways of changing perspective. The other is when you change perspective on.

Life can feel stale, when you get stuck in your mind.
That’s when you lock yourself out of your paradise: your heart and your childlike innocence – and the fascination of the heightened senses that you experience, when you are fully present to what it is your a doing, feeling, seeing, sniffing, tasting, bubbling, squeezing, pushing, pulling, writing, eating, drinking, spotting…

Then there is feeling bored.
When you feel bored, that’s a different thing altogether. Feeling bored is actually a good sign: When you feel that ‘This is sooo boring!’ then you have reached that stage of the creative process that lets you know: Your Spirit is ready for an expansion and other exploration of its expression. It is ready to experience something new and fresh, see things from a different angle than before. It wants to evolve and stretch and expand. It means it has integrated the past learning and is up for more. It wants to play in higher Self-expression. It wants to explore magical being on earth.

Where are You up for more and ready for a new perspective and a new outlook on life?
Which area of your life could use some innovation? Where and how would you really love to re-imagine and re-invent yourself? Whether you love journaling or sharing it with a friend or spouse: Your wondering and dreaming initiates your magical journey. Wanna share some of your ideas in the comments below? I would love to hear them – and others would be as inspired.


with dancing dreams,
☆ ✩ Tanya ✩ ☆


Tanya von Zychlinsky is the Creator and online Publisher of Alive with Wonder – Magazine for Magical Creation. As Expert Dreamer and Visionary Guide, Tanya ignites clarity and creative quantum leaps, leaving behind a trail of creative genius in dreamers, visionaries, performers, and other new paradigm leaders. Tanya loves leading leaders into their most vital visions. What does Life want to live You as?
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A world citizen, visionary spiritual guide, inspirational story teller, and creative channel, Tanya has been on America’s ABC TV, returning special guest on radio shows, co-directing ”Evolution’s Child”, and emoting her own poetry on stage. Tanya is a word weaver, published author: A creative vortex, visionary, and voice for good. She connects people with their passions activating their clarity, creativity, commitment, and courage to make their dreams real. 

Tanya speaks many languages, has traveled the world extensively, lived in many countries, was on many intense roller coasters, and has turned her experience into expertise, which has made her a wise woman about this world and humanity. As creative spiritual entrepreneur she makes money doing what she loves – being herself, using all her talents. As poet, story teller, artist, new thought leader and visionary guide, she brings higher mind, advanced information, intuitive insights, million dollar ideas, and radical transformation with gentleness, genius, generosity & giggles – most of all a sense of awe and wonder with a zest for life!

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