New Book Release! “Take Me to the Mountain” by Author Moyra Irving

The much anticipated release of Moyra Irving’s first book “Take Me to the Mountain” has finally arrived! We are delighted to announce Moyra’s book is now available through Amazon. If you missed the excerpts we have previously published here, please click on these links for a preview and taste of what is an exceptional book. ED

“Take Me to the Mountain” – Excerpt

Excerpt Chapter 1, “Take Me to the Mountain”



From Author, Moyra Irving

Discover your own ‘Undying Self’ with ‘TAKE ME TO THE MOUNTAIN,’ a spiritual retreat for those who are living and working in the world. With no complicated techniques involved it will lead you to a sense of your own true nature and allow you to be strong and calm in times of uncertainty. It is designed to fit easily into any routine – and above all will cost you nothing! 5 Pathways to Immortality begin with the simple practice of Silence – the very essence of retreat.


Reviews – What Other’s Have to Say:

Take Me to the Mountain is a book to be savored and cherished by all true spiritual seekers. This gentle and compassionate guide to living life as a Soul is a work to be read again and again. It glows with the radiance of the author’s soul, as she lovingly leads the reader into the spacious, timeless reality of the eternal Self where transformation occurs. Moyra Irving has distilled gems of wisdom from spiritual teachings and from her own experience into graceful, fluid, and deceptively simple language that carries seeds of illumination. Golden keys to spiritual growth reveal how suffering and anxiety can be transformed into catalysts for living a peaceful, purposeful life of service. Anyone who practices the guidance offered in this book can expect to come away more fully healed and more actively part of the planetary wave of evolution leading toward the birth of a new world.

Nancy Seifer, Author: When the Soul Awakens: The Path to Spiritual Evolution and a New World Era

Go on retreat in your own home with this practical and simple to follow guide; an hour a day is all it takes to change your life. It is packed with practical, real life advice and inspirational ideas on planning your retreat, from flasks to ear plugs. Moyra Irving has used her own experiences and knowledge to blast potential barriers out the water. This innovative book offers a 40 day retreat that can be split I to 5 mini eight day retreats. Each day of this retreat is mapped out for you with 40 separate messages, on everything from contemplation to acceptance, from patience to mastery. Written in a clear, accessible style it offers advice and exercises as a means of learning the skills of mindfulness and meditation. An excellent manual for anyone who has ever wanted to experience a retreat, but without the funds or time to facilitate it. This book is a must buy for anyone trying to navigate the vagaries of modern life. So what are you waiting for? Buy Take Me to the Mountain and go on retreat NOW!

Dr Liz Boath, Reader in Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, Staffordshire University, UK.

How can I possibly distil my love, respect and admiration for a remarkable woman and her tireless inspirational work in only a few lines? I am beyond excited that Moyra has committed her genuine heartfelt wisdom and lifelong commitment to healing and spiritual growth to writing which will be an enduring testament, if one is needed, to her indefatigable spirit and inspiration to others. From running local free healing clinics and weekend retreats to setting up a charity with the aim to end world hunger, Moyra truly stands at the forefront of a new humanity. This book will speak to the heart of all those who are ready to answer the call of the ‘New Age’ – a call to reconnect with that sacred eternal place that dwells within the heart of each and everyone of us, a place from which humanity can be healed and propelled forward. The view from the mountain beckons and the journey begins here!

Dawn Barrington (Post-Graduate Certificate in Emotional Education)

A remarkable work, conveying many spiritual truths with great simplicity and the authentic ring of personal experience. Guaranteed to prove both healing and redemptive.

Julian Middleton Author & Astrologer




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