New Book Release! “Fiery Love” by Author Moyra Irving

The much anticipated release of Moyra Irving’s second book “Fiery Love” has finally arrived! We are delighted to announce Moyra’s book is now available through Amazon. Pain and loss are part of the human condition. This compassionate guide to survival offers hope, inspiration and daily companionship for challenging times. ED


From Author, Moyra Irving

Moyra Irving is an author, artist, and inspirational speaker whose work has been dedicated to healing for over 30 years. The foundation of all she does is the recognition that we are all divine.

It is precisely through our daily tests and trials that we grow in self-awareness and understanding. Yes, it’s right down here in the thick of things that we ultimately transcend our difficulties. It is here too that we discover our Inner Companion and the deeper meaning of Love.

Fiery Love guides you to that part of you that knows ultimately that all is well, and that this lifetime is just a very brief episode in a far greater Life Story.

This journey demands nothing less than your full identification with the Being of Light that lives within you. This is what it means to be one of the World Savers, the World Changers; the Peacemakers. Regardless of your circumstances – maybe even because of them – you are more than equipped. Don’t ever underestimate the part you play!

A sequel to Take Me to the Mountain: discovering the you that never dies


Reviews – What Other’s Have to Say:

Fiery Love is a balm. It gifts the reader with a deep breath. Like reading Moyra Irving’s first book “Take Me to the Mountain”, it is like sitting down with a good, wise friend who helps you remember your soul’s purpose and why we are all here on this earth. The remarkable thing is, that friend, turns out to be you. Fiery Love takes you home to you.

Cecilia St. King

When Moyra Irving writes about Love, she speaks with the voice of one who knows the essence of spiritual love from deep experience. I foudn this to be true in “Take Me to the Mountain” as I do her new book, “Fiery Love”. It is the love of the soul that heals, and the purpose of Fiery Love is to bring the reader in touch with this healing force lying within each one of us.

Nancy Seifer, Author: When the Soul Awakens: The Path to Spiritual Evolution and a New World Era




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  1. John John says

    Congratulations, my darling! It’s always so great to see my friends with their names in print. Keep it up – good title, that…

    1. Moyra Irving says

      Many thanks, dear John!

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