The Names We Call Home

I burned through the day

Knowing the night would devour me

I motioned the moon to come closer

Filled the drum with my mind

Nothing played but stillness

Clever and round

Waiting for me to pay

Beyond white sound

I follow bells that can’t be heard

Bells of land bells of birds

Empty husks of plants

Follow my love into the formless

Brine of ocean in my fingers blood

Touch the still point in you

The reckoning looks twice at me

Mending the thousands in the steeple

Of my nights point heart pinion

In the passage of my soul journey

With my story of hunt and be hunted

Valley choose me for the low places

Where we all have been

Rise again in whispers of silent leaves

Place where you can’t recall who you are

Alone in the world dreaming

Attached to bone and stone

Winter sun drum on me

Dancing in the sieve

Bees make me fly into the speechless

Drunk on the lawless law

Emotion of stars, wind and sun in my blood

Wanting to be all things

And conjure what I can out of these

Out of these stories

Brandish my parchment of truth

Play my best note until the refrain

Floods across the names we call home.




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