My Russian Miracle

I am a frequent Interstate traveler. I was born in Ontario, Canada and thus all my family except husband and children live there. So three times a year I make a trek north from Georgia to visit. I often travel by myself as my children are all grown and my husband is working.

Two years ago I went up in the spring and brought one of my sisters south for a month to take away the pains of a long winter. This year I did the same. It is interesting to me as to how many of my friends have said “Aren’t you scared?” or “what if you break down?’ I always respond with I have a lot of faith in the Lord and in myself. My husband is a mechanic and each year gives my 230,000 + miles car a good checkup. He will come for me if I need help.

Here is how my miracle happened on Interstate 85 North in South Carolina. Heading north to take my sweet sister of 63 home to Canada we are chatting away and I am driving 70 miles per in the third lane over. Yes, the fastest lane. All of a sudden I started to lose power. I said anxiously I am losing power and got over to the next and then the right lane. I was coasting at about 40 miles per hr. when I got to the first exit. I coasted to a Citgo station and pulled off the road. I immediately called my husband and No, he didn’t answer. I am thinking he never answers his phone. I called 2 more times saying please answer the phone to myself.” I was getting pretty upset thinking what should I do?

My sister went into the gas station and said to the attendant do you know anyone who can help us and then said pray for us as she made her way to the rest room. I got out of the car and looked under it and smelled gas. I looked under the hood like I knew what I was doing and checked the oil and water. Both were good! I was standing by my car when a man with broken English suddenly appeared and said “I will help you if I can.” I said I think there is a gas leak. He said are you sure? I responded with yes, I smell it. He got under the car and said “I will fix it if I can.” 2 Min. later he slid out and said “it is all fixed.” Start it up! I was sceptic but I did as he said and it did indeed roared to life and had power. I thanked my rescuer and asked him if I could pay him for his help and he raised 2 thumbs up into the air and said “Thank him.” I thanked the nice man again and asked him if I could give him a hug. He said “Yes!” My heart was full and I felt very humble. He said as he pointed to the sky “He said stop so I stop.” I smiled up at him as I am only 5 foot 1 inch and said what is your name and he said “I am Vladimir, Vladimir from Russia.” I said “Vladimir you are a blessing in my life!” His face lit up and he had a beautiful smile.

He went into the Citgo station and my sister was still there. He told her “your car is fixed.” She hugged him too. We filled up the gas tank then a few min. later we were back on Interstate 85. Guess what? The phone rang and it was my husband and only 20 min. had passed. I said all is well and listen to what happened. My sister and I were both teary eyed and exceedingly grateful. I drove the whole way to Ontario, Canada and back sharing the miracle with my loved ones.

There are so many stories of rudeness and unkindness to others but I have been blessed many times by kind and helpful people. Vladimir from Russia is one of those special people.


Margorie Dyson



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