Master Class in Living

“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.
There are seven million” … -Walt Streightiff

Every once in a while, quite out of the blue, a day pops into your experience, the memories of which will last a while! Today was one of those days for me! I had the great pleasure of spending some time in the company of a master at living, a gentle man with a big shiny light that is bursting through huge bright blue eyes! His presence is enormous and unmissable and a trail of magic followed us everywhere we went! There was no moment only the present and nothing to do only that which we wanted…so very refreshing, like a breath of fresh air! As I was relaying the experience to a very good friend of mine, the only way I could describe it was ‘liberating’!

So what was it about this experience that was so special I hear you ask? Who could it have been that could cause such a stir? Well, I spent the day at a master class in how to live life! The teacher was a toddler! The teacher appeared and I, the student, was ready! I watched and I learned! And boy oh boy did I enjoy the experience! Did you ever feel that you were about to witness something awesome? Well that was how I felt as soon as we connected this beautiful, sunny morning and the day unfolded naturally and simply. How wonderful to be immersed in such innocence and honesty, how deeply uplifting to be surrounded by such joy and laughter! One of the first things that was mentioned was ‘fancy dancing’! Well I never! I couldn’t wait to get home to partake in some of this and it was definitely one of the highlights hehe! And then there was the adventure! We set out on a big adventure, chatting as we were journeying along. We talked about big words and favourite colours and sheep and trees and cars and flowers and clothes and smells! We picked some pink flowers for his Mammy. Then, all of a sudden, he said “I think that’s enough adventuring, we will go back home now”! So turn we did and home we went!

Then, we decided that we would do some reading! Books that I used to read to my own children were taken out and this brought back some lovely memories for me! I could just feel his little imagination forming pictures in his mind as the words flowed from my mouth, pausing every now and again to ask a question or to point out something on the page! I knew that nothing else existed in this world except for this moment in time and he wasn’t wondering about what was going to happen in the future or worrying about something that happened in the past. He was just there, in the moment. There was no trying to be somebody, just being himself! He held a master’s degree in BEING TRUE TO HIMSELF with honours! There was no wondering what anybody was thinking of him, no awareness of external judgement, no wanting to hide his light in case anybody would feel uncomfortable! Oh no, this large beacon of light was shining for all to see and EVERYBODY had a smile on their face in his presence! I was in awe! A master at work! There was no denying that this was the only way to be! The sun was shining inside and out for all to see!

When he was leaving, he ran in the door with a box of sweets for me and he said “these are for you to say thank you for minding me and you can share them with me”! How awesome! And after choosing the exact ones that he liked for himself and his brother, he threw his arms around me gave me a big hug and kiss! What more could anybody ask for! Pure love on little legs would be a good description for this beautiful soul, I am so glad to have had the privilege to be in the presence of Source!


So until next time,

Love from me, Marie X




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