“Making 40+ People Happy to Celebrate My 40th Birthday”

Alison Frazier Rook, my daughter, turned 40 on February 9th, 2016.  To celebrate her 40th birthday, she set a goal to gift 40 wheelchairs in 40 days to people with disabilities around the world who have not had access to any means of mobility.

Alison grew up in Logan, Iowa, and currently lives in Ord, Nebraska.  She has used a wheelchair for her mobility since she outgrew her stroller, and she has never, ever let anything slow her down.  Her birthday wish is her participation in “Wheels for the World”, a part of Joni and Friends International Disability Center.

The world was opened up to her, a paraplegic since birth, because she has always had the blessing of mobility.  She participated with a Clowning troupe when she was 9 years old, and she starred as Dorothy in our high school production of “Wizard of Oz”.  Since graduating from the University of Nebraska, she has been on mission trips in South American counties, where, during one trip she met two young men in the 20’s who had never left there one-room home, because they did not have wheelchairs.

She has worked in flood-stricken communities, hiked in the mountains (with help), been kayaking, wake boarding, fishing in Canada  Her smile is infectious, and she brings warmth and joy into very room she enters.

The goal of 40 wheelchairs was fulfilled by generous donors in the first 11 days following her announcement on Facebook, and a story done by KETV in Omaha, NE.

She has expanded her wish to be able to provide 100 wheelchairs in 100 days, and 52% of that goal has been reached.

The link to her “Birthday Wish” page, where people can view her progress or contribute is www.alisonswish.com

Thank you for reading my story.





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