Living with Chronic Pain

Having to let go of a Hug

Writing from the Heart-Martha Herden


Our church had its yearly fund raiser last night~~many from the community arriving as loving Hugs are shared, along with good food, laughter, friendly bidding during a Live Auction. My husband begged me all week “We should Not go~~~Somebody is going to grab you for a Hug, your Neck will only get worse!”

I listened to his fears, changing my mind a dozen times~~and decided PAIN was not going to rob this night from us. A table was waiting for us as dear friends gathered around~~laughter began to flow and I could feel all the tension drain away. Many began to reach for me–wanting to share a Hug with me~~they stopped–as my hand went up~ “Bad Neck ahead-do Not Hug this Woman!”

My heart ached~~a gentle Pat on my shoulder will be my “Hug” now~~my husband watched a flash of Sadness cross my face~~our eyes locked, as I felt silent words “I love you” flowing between us. We have already faced “Letting Go of our Hugs”~~yet our Love is strong and we walk the path of Pain together, knowing HE is beside us each second of the day..

Thank you God.




New Treatment-Bad Day!

The Herdens-love at its best

On the road again ~~~its dark as we rush through early morning traffic, heading toward a “New Treatment Plan” to ease the horrible Burning Pain in my Butt! Silence hangs heavy between us~~both of us in deep thought~~~I wrack my brain trying to grasp our emotions.

Suddenly its like a Light Switch has been hit~~~we are afraid to feel HOPE again!! All of my “Treatment for Pain” is familiar to us– like a warm blanket ~~but today is loaded with the Unknown! We arrive~~not a word exchanged, I walk in, grab the paperwork, and wait to be called back.

Its safe to say moments like this for people who suffer with Chronic Pain are similar to “Bungee Cord Jumping” we are taking emotions, coping skills, everything we have been through~as we Test our inner courage one more time. My visit was swift~~ New Doctor explained the Treatment, pausing to ask “Why” I had climbed a Tree~~~~~~~~~~

Within seconds a stranger had me back at the TREE~~~~now I had to hunt for all the years of courage and strength–feeling very Lost and Sad. Our conversation ended, the treatment was quick and out the door I went. Matt was snoozing in the car–waking quickly to assess
all the “damage”~~~~he said “How about some Breakfast?” I glowed with his Love and knew these were some big bumps in the road~~together we will go past them.

Many are Suffering with Chronic Pain–let us Lift each other Up–not pushing someone down with “words” that hurt! I will ask the Doctor “Have you ever suffered with a Pain that never goes away? Have You??




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