Living My Life Like It’s GOLDEN!!

Wow, wow, and wow!!! I should be used to it by now, but I am just in awe of what happens – every time! – when you set your powerful intentions and then surrender to what shows up in your field. This is still mind-boggling and heart-happying to me, the size and nature of the shifts that are zooming into your life as a result of your own willingness to let your highest Dreamer Self live YOU. I got some crystal clarity around what my creative being really, reaaaally wants to do with its WonderTime and WonderSpace and how exactly it wants to be a living inspiration to others.

The compass for everything in your life is the answer to the following question: What is it that lights up your being so much, that you want to jump out of bed in the morning, eager to immerse yourself in the fascination of your day of expressing yourself, when you can’t help yourself but grin from ear to ear and from head to toe? BEAMING! This is the opposite of brave tightlipped perseverance. Often, when you have done something for a long time and you are excellent at it, it can be misleading, because feeling really excellent at something brings you lots of admiration and appreciation as well as fulfillment and likely also a great income, probably also loads of friends, so you feel very comfortable with what you are doing. This can feel like happiness, but where on your feel-o-meter are you? Low, medium, higher up, all the way up? Buzzing?? Gloriously glowing with glee?

Are you feeling alive with wonder and in love with your Life. Do you feel like you are the luckiest person on earth with a grinning heart and a giggling genius?

I created today’s photo soaked with swirling spirit, intended as an energetic golden carpet to be rolled out under your feet as you are inspired to walk as a Dream-Come-True beyond your greatest vision into a universe of total bliss well groomed for you in the Unknown. But it is so much more than a carpet to walk on. Look at it often, it is your magical carpet taking you wherever you dream to, it is your golden royal robe to embrace you and enfold you – and it is very (!) soft and silken to the touch. It even has your favorite fragrance! This magical timespace fabric has your dream-come-true-s woven into it, and when you are wearing it, you can only be seen by the appreciative. This golden garment has a lot of fresh space within it to also absorb and contain your own wishes and dreams and deep personal connection to nourish you and help you manifest sheer beauty. May you inhale the vision with your whole magical being to carry you into your next chapter.

So, how many times a day are you smiling out loud, knowing with your whole being that you came here – like me!! – to be PLAYING in LIFE with one flourishing foundation that says and reflects:

“I am Living My Life Like It’s GOLDEN!” because YOU are… GOLDEN!

Magical and Moving Millions
I cell-ebrate Your Divinity,
So Play in Life and Live it Golden
My Presence of Prosperity!


with wisdom, wonders, and winds of change,
☆ ✩ Tanya ✩ ☆


Tanya von Zychlinsky is the Creator and online Publisher of Alive with Wonder – Magazine for Magical Creation. As Expert Dreamer and Visionary Guide, Tanya ignites clarity and creative quantum leaps, leaving behind a trail of creative genius in dreamers, visionaries, performers, and other new paradigm leaders. Tanya loves leading leaders into their most vital visions. What does Life want to live You as?
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