Hi Everyone,

This is the next ‘Life Stories’ writing experience – a 6 week course that includes personal coaching, editing and proofreading PLUS the opportunity to have your work published with Inspirational Storytellers!

Numbers are limited to allow you to have the best attention.

All welcome – no previous experience needed. Your Life Story is all that’s required …



Inspirational Writing retreats:


Inspiring you to inspire others


71 Oxford Road, Basford, Newcastle-under-Lyme, ST5 0AQ £55 (including refreshments)

(This course includes individual coaching, proof-reading and editing throughout – plus the opportunity to have your work published with Inspirational Storytellers!)

Whether you are interested in writing a novel, short stories, a blog, article or poetry my aim is to help you

  • to find your writer’s voice
  • to re-tune it where necessary and
  • to increase your power to communicate and be heard

Everyone has a story to tell and your own Life Story provides all that is necessary to create something unique and of great interest to others.


Tell your own story: creating a priceless legacy for family and friends
Every one of us has a story to tell. It might be a true to life account, an interesting episode or incident in one’s life or, more subtly, something born of the creative imagination. Sometimes we just need a little help in knowing where to start.

Throughout this series of writing retreats we shall explore ways to stimulate your imagination and release your Inner Storyteller. Each of us is born to make our mark in some way and to create good memories for others as well as ourselves. Our creations, however humble, live on in the world long after we have moved on.

Finding your Voice
My aim is to help you, the writer, to find your unique storyteller’s voice and to express your story (whether factual or fictional) in the most effective way.

Transforming pain into beauty
I’d like to help you create something of beauty from your own hard won experience. And not only beauty but truth and meaning through the medium of storytelling. Your doing this will affect how you live your life both now and in the future. By telling our stories we inevitably go beyond them and find new perspectives and insight.

Capturing a Special Memory
Inspirational writing isn’t just about painful memories but celebrating joyful ones too! Most of us have a rich compendium of life experiences. Even the most ordinary events can be explored, re-examined and recounted in extraordinary and often humorous ways.

Creating a story you want to share
To this end we shall explore a variety of writing forms: letters, journals, fictional stories, true stories, poems, plays – or even a mixture of all of these. We’ll also include voice work (recordings, reading aloud, etc.) and consider images to illustrate and complement your work.

I do offer a proofreading and editing service on request as part of the course. Ideally we want to polish our work to the point that it reflects our own ideas – and ideals – more effectively. Therefore, anything we can do to improve our power to communicate these – and this includes clear, simple language and unambiguous punctuation – will achieve this end.

Revision (or re-vision) is the ability to look and to look again. This is of real value to the writing process but also to how we continue to live our lives. Add to this the knack of getting outside of the story, outside of ourselves, in order to view it all better. The art of detachment (being the observer) is a practice that benefits us, moment to moment, in our on-going search for truth and meaning.

Although getting work accepted by a major publishing company is more difficult than ever, now is considered to be a perfect time for writers! Self-publishing is no longer just for beginners – it is also used widely by well-known published authors. If you are keen to embark on a more substantial piece of writing we shall explore a number of inexpensive ways to get your work in print.

Having fun
This series of workshops is intended to be rewarding and fun. Creativity is essential to our happiness and self-esteem and is fired by the Inner Life or soul. You will have the opportunity to share your own life experiences and ideas and be encouraged by others. Inspiration, laughter, and creativity are infectious so in ‘Life Stories’ we all benefit!