Let your Spirit Soar!

I for one have truly learnt,

That success is not given; it has to be earnt!

If you ready to put in the blood, sweat and tears,

You can conquer whatever you secretly fear!


I’ve turned a corner and found my why,

I’ve picked myself up and learnt to fly!

It all comes down to a change in your thinking,

Believing, achieving no longer sinking!


I’m edging towards the top of my game,

Instead of a spark, I’m a burning flame!

I live each moment; cherish each day,

Give the best of myself in my own special way!


Life is again a wondrous thing,

My spirit smiles, I dance and sing!

I laugh, I joke, I live by the hour,

I’ve found potential, my untapped power!


I only look forward; the past is done,

I know in my heart; there’s much more to come!

Channel your energy to develop your mind,

You’ll be amazed at the gifts that wait deep inside!


By Mark Jarvis     @jarvo_mark




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