The Kings Test

There lived a king so long ago in a castle by the sea.

On his head he wore a crown proud as he could be.

Each night the king took off his crown to give his staff a test.

They each took turns cleaning it to see who did it the best.


If the King was pleased he would smile

and all the staff could rest.

If not they were not allowed to sleep

until they passed the test.


One night the queen came storming in

so made she could not sit.

Her favorite gown she loved so much

had shrunk and would not fit.


“Go out!” she said to all the staff,

“Find another gown.”

“Search the country far and wide.

Search villages and towns.”


So out they went throughout the land

to soothe the queen’s distress.

They knew they did not dare return

without the perfect dress.


Just then the King yelled from his throne,

“It is time to clean the crown!”

But to his shock he soon realized

that no one was around.


“I’ll clean the crown myself.” He said,

“I’ll give the task a try.”

And so he cleaned his royal crown

the apple of his eye.


When he was done the King proclaimed,

“I did not need the help.

The crown shines brighter than before

and I did it all myself!”


And when the staff finally returned

from searching for the gown

they were amazed to see how well

the King had cleaned the crown


The kingdom could sleep at ease that night.

All the staff could rest.

The King had taken his turn that night

and yes he passed the test.


Copyright © Tom Krause


We all feel much better when finally we see
the power to do things is right inside me.”




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