egg joke 2 The Shticks

egg joke 3 The Shticks

egg joke 4 The Shticks

egg joke 5 The Shticks


This morning when I was fixing my daughters some pancakes the eggs reminded me of pictures I’ve seen on the Internet of eggs with hilarious facial expressions drawn on them.

They are mostly about terrified eggs about to meet their doom. If you want a good laugh, google “facial expressions eggs.”

The one above is my contribution to the series: one little egg who decided not to worry and chill.

You know, now that I think of it, I don’t think I can break those eggs anymore 🙁

But my daughters did get their pancakes because I had already broken some before I trapped myself like that.



Veronica Shticks Anderson grew up homeschooled between two worlds: American and Brazilian, which taught her to appreciate both obvious and subtle differences in diverse peoples, cultures and languages. She created “The Shticks” in her mid-teens to satirize and just plain poke fun at real life situations that she found humor and inspiration in.

Veronica taught English for 13 years at one of the most prestigious languages schools in Brazil (Yazigi), founded a seminar company and studied marketing, photography, graphic design and video-making but her passion has always been portraying real-life situations with minimalistic characters.

Through the years Veronica refined The Shticks from her youth’s sketchy stick people drawings to more stylized characters who depict not only humor but also wisdom, cultural, social and spiritual stories. She uses photo-manipulation and videos to aid in putting The Shticks in creative settings for her stories.