JOYGGING is running deLIGHTLY without rushing to achieve a goal. It is letting your feet dance forward, while YOU enJOY your surrounding. You can do it anywhere, anytime, anyage (I know!) – just drop the focus forward and inhale what you feel and perSEEve!

JOYGGING contains the ‘Y’ for ‘Yes to right now!’.

Two days ago, I was out interval running again in my own rhythm and I saw so many gorgeous things along the way that I had not noticed before, so I returned with my daughter’s camera. I was laughing to myself thinking, teehee, I am JOYGGING, and as I felt into that wor(l)d a little more, I decided to share it with you, because it is fun and forte, it might look like the same thing as jogging from the outside, but isn’t. JOYGGING is being fully present with your awareness, where you are – no distraction like music or thinking about your next shopping or job or even how great you will feel after your run. JOYGGING is very sensual as you perceive many new things inside your body and in your surroundings and feel how permeable your body is as the energies are following the breathing direction. It’s like breathing it all in through all pores – and out. It moves, yet it doesn’t because it already IS all one huge field of fun and feel good and you are letting your body dance along within it. It’s just surrendering into the sense-ing and being that part of it all. I took a series of gorgeous ‘magical sunlight from beyond the trees’ photos as well as several photos just holding the camera deep into the grass, curious what the photo would show, and I LOVED what I saw (more about that in my next article):

A whole new perspective!! It’s the same with holding our attention deep within our body and sense-ory awareness.

The greatest thing is: I was sooo effective – without intending to at all! I was immersing my body in what it needs most: being one with nature and joyous movement, while at the same time allowing my creative being to PLAY.

Whatever you do or try out, please, be gentle and response able for your choice, I know I am with mine. That’s conscious creative leadership. I am sharing purely my own personal experience and the fascination of what I see about my body brilliance and how my visions and thoughts and habitual behaviors affect my body responses, because I love to connect the dots and see the bigger picture also in the smaller picture. Feel welcome to explore on your own terms and with a conscious mind and heart. JOYGGING can be as slow as you need it, because it is the opposite of rushing somewhere fast!.

I have so much more to share on this subject, it seems to be a whole book in itself and teachings to come, I went into great detail about the physical responses to conscious new choices and visions, which made this article way too long, so I took it back out. If you want me to share more about this, just get in touch and let me know.

Everything we do, think, and envision affects all else,

with dancing feet,

☆ ✩ Tanya ✩ ☆


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