The Importance of Art

The arts take us to another plane of experience. Art itself is another level. It’s the imaginary plane, the visionary plane, the plane of picturing, of pretending, of making believe.

It begins with the feeling of being invited into another world… Maybe it’s a picture you saw, or a story you read, or a movie, or a song, or a play. And it inspires you to begin exploring your own ‘other world.’ You know, the one alongside this one, but in your head.

we-are-all-sculptorsI had to reach long and hard for mine. Part of it was mastering my materials of choice—the paints and tools for drawing—which involved lots of trial and error. But then, as I gave credence to my inner workings, I came more alive in the outer world. I experienced more levels, felt my way through more dimensions, now that I was connecting the two, seeing the relationship between.

I started out by wondering, Who Am I? What Am I Feeling? What Am I Seeing? What is my heart telling me?  Art is very much a clearing process.

Works of art “step down” higher states of awareness onto the physical plane.

Art might be considered as the portal into the World of Meaning and Significance.

To create art is to transmute denser matter, lower thought-forms, onto the higher planes of love/wisdom, compassion and understanding.

Through the imagination we move into dimensions of lesser density and lighter fields of awareness where we access the intuitive plane.

In the science of the 7 Rays, the Fourth Ray, Harmony Through Conflict, is known also the ray of artists.

sunriseHarmony, by definition, is created out of disharmony. It is also a Ray of emotion, for the experience of Harmony is an emotional response. The process of aligning and creating beauty from chaos is the process overseen by the Fourth Ray. Through life challenges, fourth ray people find inner balance regardless of outer world chaos. They bring harmony to people, often through mediation or artistic endeavors. They must avoid excessive daydreaming and melodrama. They learn to bring their hidden self out into the open.

Whether it’s reality you’re painting, or dreams or visions or mental or emotional states, it’s about creating a different reality.

It’s about seeing, and it’s about the power of seeing, and figuring out exactly what we do see.

The first step is to become a creator. When you re-create the physical space around you, interpreting it, re-interpreting it¸ you are seeing how you see it.

I felt deeply and  profoundly, but I kept it inside, afraid of what others might think. Afraid of being hurt or ridiculed or scorned, I remained in the past emotionally, and didn’t grow.

light-of-the-world1There is a big difference between being emotional and being able to express emotions in a coherent way.

Author and channeler Patricia Cori calls the 4th Dimension a “clearing station.” She says the planetary karma will be cleared in 4D. She says it will be like seeing your shadow in front of you instead of behind you. We will have the opportunity as individuals and as part of the planetary karma, to clear our shadows. To bring to light that which we have hidden from ourselves, and clear it as we move further into the light.

Here is a quote from her book – Atlantis Rising:

“There is only one safe harbor… that center of your being, where all is in balance and fear cannot take hold.

Your primary task is to understand the calming of the pendulum; the next is to still your emotional bodies and be there.

That, dear ones, is the true Ark… it is your only guarantee of safe passage into the next dimension.”

And, “You will be most effective when you have gazed into the soul mirrors of another and seen your own existence, your fire, reflected back.”


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Originally posted on on April 3, 2013




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