If you always do what you’ve always done…

Stop fleeting and doubting and changing your mind,

You’re missing so much, absorbed in the grind!

Stop thinking small and selling yourself short,

It’s time to create all conquering thoughts!


Have faith in yourself and the gifts you’ve been given,

Get dedicated, have purpose, be focused and driven!

Operate from the soul and what matters most,

Don’t just drift, concede and coast!


Wake up with passion; knowing what you crave,

You’re strong, worthy, deserving and brave!

The one life you’re given; deserves you’re all,

Go all out not afraid to fall!


As you wake this morning, in your heart you must know,

That each day you’re blessed with a chance to grow.

In each 24 hours; it’s up to you,

To set your standards and push on through!


Make today, the day you change!

A brand new chapter, a brand new page.

A day to test out what you truly can do!

A day to discover the all powerful you!


The excuses that have stopped you will be no more,

Paddle your boat away from the shore.

Look deeper, search harder for you hold the key,

To become whatever you choose to be!


By Mark Jarvis   @jarvo_mark


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