An Icon Whose Time has Come

Nothing is more powerful than an ICON whose time has come…
The question is: Are You Positioned right?

This is a powerful time. Very powerful indeed. Wherever I look, there are magical beings, ICONS in their field, gearing up to take flight. The Swan is a Metaphor of Beauty, yet also of Power. They are Swimming Grace, yet You just KNOW that you better don’t mess with a swan, because they are protective of the waters they swim in and of their family. Their soul mates are imprinted upon them, and no one else will do instead, because that is how it was designed.

So, Beauty and Power are a given. The real question is: Are You positioned right?

Do you KNOW why you are here and who you are in your full expression? And, if you have gathered all of that information about you, did you make sure that nothing is barring your take off? With all the shifting and changing, did you clear out what was flying to the sides on your adventure journey into the center of YOU? There’s nothing to ‘change’ about you, because you ARE already perfect and complete within yourself. There’s nothing to transform, because you have already HATCHED, butterfly. Now, it is about ADJUSTING and being positioned in your so-you-direction.

I can feel the momentum building and the energies zinging and zirring in the ethers.

It’s like before a car race, when you hear them revving up the engines, or when the horses get nervous and antsy to run before their race right before that portal opens – to set them free, or when the swans flap their wings and want to start running on the water at the same time for take off. Have you ever heard how their wings sing when they fly by? There’s hardly anything more fascinating.

I hear you loud and clear… I’m one of you… and ONE with you. I can feel you, because YOU are that part of me – and vice versa.

Here is an example for not being positioned right and, believe me, nearly right can be worse, because it is luke warm, and if you haven’t experienced how ‘perfectly matched’ and ‘awe-inspiringly alive’ feels, you will not know it, even if it may be closer to your dream than anything else you’ve known before: off is off. Wouldn’t you agree?

Here is what I mean: For years (!), I have been learning how to be and market myself as a greatcoach… the only thing is: I am not DESIGNED to be a coach, even though I am very good at it. It drains me. I am a creative force, and Expert Dreamer, who anchors things and holds space, an advanced high level Intuitive, a Visionary Guide who LOVES to gather Talent, fellow Creative Creatures for Creative Leader Convergence, and audiences feel vitalized through my stage Performance and Poetry of the Soul – it brings me home into the Source of Love – and it bring my audience home, too… but I didn’t know all that, until I did! Can you imagine, the love, effort, time, energy, and money I have invested into learning what I am not designed to be?

Wow. Huge! But that’s experience, too. And everything I experienced and learned has polished me into a clear crystal. I can now spot truth and alignment easily – or when something or someone is off, for that matter. On the looong scale from co-dependency to empowered leadership, there are many nuances. In the huge universe of Creativity, there are even more.

I hold a powerful SPACE for CREATIVE EXPANSION.
And I LOVE to deliver Higher Mind, that’s my strength:
I am a Sacred Space – and so are YOU.
I am a MIRACLE VORTEX – and so are YOU.
It’s a given. Like the Beauty and Power and Grace of the Swan.

So, Swan, are you positioned right? Or are you headed against a wall?

Nothing is more powerful than an ICON whose time has come.  (c) Tanya von Zychlinsky  October 17th, 2013

Everything is Energy
and Energy InFormation.

It can be clogged or clustered, with the current flowing slowly and sluggishly. Or…
It can be clear, with the current flowing freely from the Source, which you will feel as gratitude, generosity, and giggling genius.

I am positioning myself as well:

for my upcoming book and other creative projects
for my new Spiritual Edutainment, with Intuitive Performance and Poetry
for my new real life Lively Living Rooms for Creative Leader Convergence
for my new playful series (stay tuned)
for my own giggling genius and its Higher Self-Expression
as Visionary Guide and Creative Leader, Expert Dreamer and Magical Creator.

for my soul family connection – in love and much (!) laughter
in beauty, brilliance, and bright living

Love is Energy of Prosperity, Inspiration, and Creativity.
Matter is Energy Gone Dense. Tanya von Zychlinsky

Here’s to your creative expansion,

☆ ✩ Tanya ✩ ☆
Creative Leader Convergence



Tanya von Zychlinsky is the Creator and online Publisher of Alive with Wonder – Magazine for Magical Creation. As Expert Dreamer and Visionary Guide, Tanya ignites clarity and creative quantum leaps, leaving behind a trail of creative genius in dreamers, visionaries, performers, and other new paradigm leaders. Tanya loves leading leaders into their most vital visions. What does Life want to live You as?
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