I Wish I was a Superhero

My family pretends it’s all okay

But I will never be this way

A problem child, I’ve been known,

Has caused my heart to turn to stone


My father took complete control

My childhood, in which he stole,

has caused myself to break in parts,

so I have broken many hearts

Feelings had, I couldn’t share,

pretending like they’re never there

I am myself and yet I’m not

To make me whole, it takes a lot


Any child with no control,

can really take a major toll

You fight and fight

With all your might

You lose you lose

You change your views

You back away and then shut down

Your heavy tears, will make you drown

The person you are meant to be,

a person you will never see

Giving up, it may seem right

But angers fills because of spite


If your father was like mine

And took away your chance to shine

For it’s your life, so make it yours

Take a leap and find your cures

Now is now and then was then

And journeys start when you say when


It’s who you’re not, you can’t remain

And wallow in your pity; pain

It’s who you are, you need to seek

Take control and fix the leak


Instead of feeling like a zero

Make yourself a Super-Hero



Poetry by: Cori Hoberman



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