How We Speak About Pain

My words come fast–“I leaned over last night, Throbbing Pain sticking
like a Knife in my back–Why?” A visit to the Pain Management
Treatment Center brings many words to describe Pain~~~

“I ruptured six discs when I jumped out of an airplane during WWII–
Pain only comes around if I try to do something” the room is silent
for a moment, “I loved to ride motorcycles, every inch of me hurts!”
My excuse always brings shock “I fell out of a tree, and messed my
BUTT up!” Nervous laughter spreads fills the room–as I add words
“I could have died that day~~God was with me that day, I am happy to
be alive.”

Many suffer with Pain in Silence, feeling completely alone~~I Know
that Feeling! A news article caught my eye~~~ spoke about young men
and women ready to serve their country, all sat waiting to hear their
name~~the signal to rise and head for transportation area. Sudden
gunfire erupted, changing lives forever. Left with permanent
injuries, they spoke about Pain~~~

“The Pain gets so Intense” “Every spot where a bullet entered me
Hurts” words from a young medic. Another man speaks~~~”I struggle to
do Normal things–Pain hurts all over me. Don’t sleep much–too many
Nightmares!” On and on they spoke of the journey with Pain~~all
struggling to find their way—I can’t “fix” their wounds, but I would
be honored to LISTEN….

I put the paper down~~~looking out my window, asking God to help them.



“I Just Leaned Over”

The Herdens-love at its best
A strong shoulder to lean on. The Herden’s ~ Love at it’s Best

There are times when I lean against my Husband’s strong Shoulder~~where
we are Happy and Pain is forced to linger in the background. I cherish
these moments~~knowing they are fleeting, as many “different Leaning Moments”
have joined us and sometimes come swift, shaking us to the reality of
Chronic Pain.

I run these over in my mind~~Suddenly leaning my head on his shoulder
during Church–my Neck is screaming–I need a soft place to lay my head
as it feels like a huge chunk of Brick sits on my shoulders and I am
weary of holding it up. Moments as we arrive home from me having a procedure
done to ease Pain~~~I rise from the vehicle, ready to take short steps to
our front door—suddenly I must stop and Lean my weary body against those
Shoulders, taking a deep breath as I dig deep for a bit of strength–
determined to show PAIN~~I am still here!

Pain has its way of Grabbing my attention~~last night was a big night for
Pain–I leaned over to turn a water faucet on~~suddenly feeling as if a
Knife had been driven into my back! My husband heard me Moan–waves of
Pain hitting me. This time I needed all his strength to help me find
a place to sit~~~but it hit me some humor was needed–

“How about me trying that again!”

Awful Pain, long night, strong shoulders, and Faith in the One Above–as
we gave words of Thanks that I could still move, laugh, and live.




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