Guitar Man – Award Winning Inspirational Short Film

A street musician, ‘Guitar Man’ has a gift for playing the blues on his guitar and connecting with others. His love for music and for people supercedes everything else in his life. Although on the surface he doesn’t have much, that doesn’t stop him from sharing two simple messages, ‘that we all have a lot in common’ and ‘that our true gifts reside within ourselves.’


Please enjoy this award winning inspirational short film by G. Brian Benson.









  1. Moyra Irving says

    A wonderful little film – it had me riveted. When the guitar man (so beautifully played by you!) gave the money away I was reminded of the following quotation by the Master DK: ‘to those who give shall be given, so that they can give again.’ (Please see our charity, The Extra Guest).
    Thank you!

    Love and best wishes,

    1. Brian Benson says

      Thank you very much Moyra for the kind comments about the movie! YOU are appreciated!


  2. Richard Holmes says

    A fantastic film…just the right length to get the message over and great music!!!!!

  3. Brian Benson says

    Thank you kindly Richard…I appreciate that! 🙂

  4. Moyra Irving says

    Thank you, Brian … you too! 🙂

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