God Godding

Is God a Being or a State of Being? Many who have undergone Near Death Experiences (NDEs) claim it’s the latter. They say their temporary excursions into the afterlife prove that all existence is an eternal continuum, with past, present and future being artificial constructs. They say they were able to see with 360-degree peripheral vision, were suffused with unconditional love and knew beyond question that every living and non-living being is part of an indivisible One. A wonderful teacher taught me that this never-ending cycle of creation and expansion is an example of God Godding. God, some mystics declare, is not a noun but a verb.

When seen from above, the Ocean contains billions of waves. They are made of the same substance as Ocean, but they are not Ocean. Similarly, we are composed of Spirit, but we are not God. But we are better, stronger, nobler and vastly more lovable than we can possibly know until, through a life-changing event, we see it writ plain.

Scientists dismiss NDEs as a by-product of anoxia, i.e., a mounting lack of oxygen to the brain as it shuts down. As parting gifts go, this is not chopped liver. So who’s right, the mystics or the materialists? I have great respect for the scientific method, but I’ll put my faith every time in those who sing me to sleep with poems.


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