Fresh Focus

It is easy to be doing what you are always doing, but then you are getting the results that you are always getting. Right now, you are looking at a New Window of Wonders flooding in, if you allow it. Just inhale the image for a while and let its energy co-create with you.

Today is a very special day!

It is MY Full Moon as I am writing this and I am carving out this day to FOCUS ONLY ON WHAT I DO WANT. Will you let yourself be inspired to make this your special day as well? Whenever you are reading this will be perfect synchronicity. Today, I am making sure to avoid negative people, situations, and my own worries, should they arise:Worries are Prayers, too.

Have you ever thought about it? What you worry about, you ask for and ask more of.

What you focus on expands and more of it flocks to you, so your worry is like a big buzzer yelling:”Over heeeere you more-to-worry-about people and situations, I am your resonance, come flock to me!” Yikes, is that what you want for yourself? Of course it is important to feel, and be compassionate about the fact that experiencing our humanity includes experiencing also all those not-so-sunny-feelings, but worry is not a feeling! Worry is a ‘thought-catch-22′ that runs itself in circles about something it thinks it cannot change. Mr. and Mrs. Worry will not get out of that vicious cycle, unless… they get out of it. How?

FRESH FOCUS: I invite you to dedicate your Today to FRESH FOCUS.

Whenever you read this is the perfect time to do it, because there is a reason why you are reading it right now: Synchronicity! I am writing it for the today that I am writing it in and also for the today that YOU are reading it in – and (!) the today that I will be re-reading this article one day. For today, I invite you to postpone whatever you can until tomorrow, including all worries (No worries, they will still be there if you want them back!).

A few creative questions as an invitation to journal:

  1. Will You open your life to the wonders flooding in and say YES to them?
  2. How will You claim your truth and sacred creative space today?
  3. How can you make it playful and fun and fresh?
  4. What is ONE thing you can start with to claim today as your Fresh-Focus-Day?

Can’t wait to share what mine is about, once it has matured and solidified. For now, I am keeping it in its sacred fertile soil and explore and feel into it more myself. Sharing is powerful, and I am also one of these people who receive and distribute right straight through, that’s part of my purpose, yet sometimes when you share too soon, it is like happily giving your pretty balloon away, before you tied that knot. Pfffffffffft!! Oh no!

Little hint about my fresh focus: It keeps me smiling all day already – and I want the same for you. So exciting! My creative being is exhilarated with the magical possibilities and the direction that it calls me into. Are you curious about yours? I love to hear from you, send me your news and views.


with fresh focus, fun, and practical fulfillment,
☆ ✩ Tanya ✩ ☆


PS I extend a big special cyber hug to the team and creative community of Inspirational Storytellers. As of yesterday they are also making Alive with Wonder Articles available to their treasured readers – and it lets my heart flow over with smiles and swirls of spirit for all of you. I see you. And I am grateful.


Tanya von Zychlinsky is the Creator and online Publisher of Alive with Wonder – Magazine for Magical Creation. As Expert Dreamer and Visionary Guide, Tanya ignites clarity and creative quantum leaps, leaving behind a trail of creative genius in dreamers, visionaries, performers, and other new paradigm leaders. Tanya loves leading leaders into their most vital visions. What does Life want to live You as?
At Inspirational Storytellers we are delighted to be regularly featuring Tanya’s fresh articles and inspiration in our new “Alive With Wonder” article category!



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