Follow The Voice


Follow the voice of the darkness until

it leads you to the brilliance

let heart felt inspiration guide the footsteps

all is joy

joy holds all sorrow

in its arms

speaks stillness

saying I love you

sadness falls away

kindles a music of the spheres

within you

sounds emerge

that no human ear has ever witnessed

the real echo of the forever soul

in flight

divination’s occur


all vanishes but the beauty

that never fades

the luminosity ignites the spirit

awakens UN connected windows


sheds false masks and coverings

the qualities

conjure up

dormant unused senses

that do not rely

on our usual modes of communication

Truth emerges in consciousness

without learning

as if some magic opened up

a vast reservoir of knowledge

inside our being

and it leaps out

in all directions

containing all secrets

all understanding

killing is no more

death is conquered

and only life is left

no jaded perceptions

cloud the clarity

of unobstructed vision

everything is a jewel

each moment a miracle

full of energy and unending life

I am yours

trust me

here is there

and there is here

every moment is this moment.

Your searching is over

Life begins…

Be Still…


© Stephen J. Kalinich






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