Flying with the Dragon

Her velvet cloak draped off the stiff chair.

There was no sound from his footsteps, no sound from his presence.

“Do ye know?”  He asked.

She lowered her head, for she had known for a long time.

“My lady, have ye not told them?”  He inquired.

She replied only through her eyes.

The conversation continued between the two with stares and nods.

He delivered his words lightly to her people.

Still screams and sobs filled the stone room.

Her kingdom she had built was shattering.

Everyone rushed to her side quickly picking up slabs of the broken courtyard.

Tears flooded the cobblestone corridor.

A darkened cloud of muddle swept across her village.

She solicited a scroll and quill, ‘twas acceptance that was surrendered, not her.

Noblewomen stood before her as she completed one more allegiance.


She handed the parchment over and took hold of the dragonfly’s wing.

Greeting her slumber with a smile, she whispered the words-

“Fare thee, well my loves,”

and flew off into the night sky.



  • Poet’s Name: S. Elizabeth Adams
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